“My family and I will be forever grateful to JT and Tamra for helping us complete our bus so that we may move on to the next phase of our lives.
As a single mom of three, my dream was to show my girls the world. When I decided to convert a bus, I knew I wouldn't be able to find enough resources (friends/family) to do it all on my own. I thank God for everything that happened to JT & Tamra that lead them to take their business on the road.
They recently just spent a month literally living in my driveway. Not one single complaint from any of my family or neighbors. They are respectful, courteous and kind.
As for their work, I couldn't have found a better match for my needs, which was seeking knowledge in nearly every area of the build.
For MONTHS before the build, they guided me in prepping for demolition, purchasing materials and explain the systems and different products. They know their systems and they know all about the products on the market.
When they arrived, they never seemed to take a break. Hard working is their middle name. They lived my dream right alongside me. This was no "job" for them. This was their passion. They worked on my bus as if it was their own.
Welding, Electrical, Plumbing, Solar, Painting, Carpentry, Flooring, Sewing, Prepping, Cooking, Poop, Driving, Mechanical, Tires, Pricing, Budgeting, Timing, Air Conditioning, Heating, and more, they KNEW so much and had no problem explaining it to me. Tamra even taught me how to cook with Cast Iron.
Bottom Line: If you have the opportunity to get JT & Tamra to work on your build, DO IT!! No hesitation. Just do it. Pay them as much as you can to have them come out. It will be the Biggest Return on Your Investment You Will Find Anywhere!
I am just Three days into my journey and they are still checking in on me and explaining things I know they have told me a dozen times already.
I will have no issue giving them a True 5-Star review ALL DAY LONG.
I literally could cry for all they have done for me and my family!
Please contact me in a heartbeat if you are considering using them on your build.
Rita Gardner

“I am truly appreciative of the time JT spent with me welding my very custom tiny home shell and trailer. I can honestly say it is because of his knowledge, teaching, skills, and dedication to only the best of the best craftsmanship that my home has made it over 14,000 miles across the country. JT was patient and kind with my project. He explained everything very clearly and I learned a lot working alongside him. I absolutely recommend JT and Road Roots to anyone needing anything fabricated or created. There is no limits to what they can do! Thank you again!” 

Richard Ward 

Terraform Tiny Homes (TerraformTH.com)

“JT and Tamra are amazing to work with! I took my bus to them for a partial build and they worked very efficiently and quickly and stayed in communication with me throughout the build, sending picture updates, etc. They went above and beyond and their work is top notch. I could not have been more please. They are good peeps!” - Kim

“JT is the definition of a craftsman. From custom auto restoration and top quality painting and auto fabrication to beautiful wood working and top quality building. He does it all. I have personally seen multiple projects JT has had his hands in, and his presence is always met with an unchallenged level of professionalism with the top notch quality of work you would expect from such a skilled craftsman.” -Andy

“I personally love JT Lane’s work. We were able to see his personal conversion 2 years ago at the Tiny House Jamboree in Arlington, Texas. He and Tamra’s Skoolie build was one of many that inspired my husband and I to buy a smaller bus to convert. Their bus is a work of art. I’m certain his talent will serve anyone that takes advantage of his talent. Looking forward to watching you.” -Dee

“From paint to full custom metal work. JT is very diligent and superior in his work A+” -Dustin