Our Beginning

As a young couple, in 2015, trying to decide what they wanted out of this life, owners JT and Tamra Lane from School of Life Bus embarked into the world of tiny living. They built their tiny home in a 1991 BlueBird School Bus. Since starting this journey, JT and Tamra have fallen in love with the lifestyle that comes along with living mobile as well as the people they share this community with. After attending and showing their home at several tiny home shows they decided that they didn’t just want to show people how they made their dream come true, but they wanted to help others make their dream a reality as well.

They began by helping other people with projects they needed assistance with from welding projects, to exterior paint, to solar/shore power installs, rough-ins and more. In spring of 2018, they moved to Denver, CO to open a conversion company, but they quickly realized the rising needs of their customers to have the option for mobile work. So JT and Tamra decided to take on this void. Taking on mobile work was a big decision, but ultimately, they decided that this was the best way to fulfill the needs of their customers, while also feeding their souls with travel, experience, and more amazing people. Thus, RoadRoots Mobile Upfitters was born.

Getting to work beside and hear the stories of those we are building for is an experience we are really looking forward to.

In our minds, the process that leads up to the finished project is so enriching. Being mobile and being able to allow the people we are working for to be there and present in the process is very exciting. Not only will that allow them to know their build better, but hopefully reach a level of fulfillment that they may not have gotten otherwise.

Photo Credit: Living Big In A Tiny House